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Nearly 70 years ago, Kaplan pioneered the test prep industry. Today, as a division of The Washington Post Company, Kaplan has become the leading educational services company in the world—helping more than 3 million individuals achieve their educational and career goals through programs ranging from high school and college admissions consulting to graduate school, professional licensing, and English language training. is the company's portal to these programs. The site is divided into unique communities where customers can find programs, read articles, access special events, tools, and more—all geared towards their specific goals and interests. In addition, customers can search for and enroll in Kaplan's classroom-based courses at more than 180 centers worldwide, access online test prep and admissions programs, sign up for private tutoring, and purchase books, software, and other retail products through the site's online store. Each individual community provides users with the information, tools, and advice they need through a rich, interactive, and personalized environment.

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